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So, I'm hoping that my video will raise at least a little bit awareness. Coming from a small town doesn't mean that my video wont be noticed.. I'm happy to have thought, made and finished the video which is mainly dedicated to my wonderful sister who suffers from a mental disorder. Its time to make a stand and stop the stigma. I love my sister with all my heart and she is my twin and my other half. I don't know what I would ever do without you. Keep on staying strong Victoria!! The reason for this post is to go along with my video and one day Id like Clara Hughes to respond back to me in some way to know that validation for my sister that there is help, there is more people like her out there and things will get better.

Art History Assignment (Expressionism)

I decided to do my art history assignment on the movement Expressionism. The reason why I choose this is because I am the type of person to show my feeling through my artwork so I wanted to research on how it was used in the 20th century.

Expressionism started in 1905.

Expressionism is an intense personal art form and is a way of showing the artists feelings rather than an analysis. Paint strokes used to show expressionism is swaying, swirling, and aggravated lines to show a mood or a certain type of feeling. The whole point of expressionism is to trigger an emotional state in people who look at it.

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-90)
Van Gogh used form and color to convey his inner feelings. His brushstrokes were a close reflection of his feelings he painted.

A famous quote said by Van Gogh was "Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I see before me, I make more arbitrary use of color to express myself more forcefully"

The main artwork that I looked at the most was "The P…

Mental Health Video Completed

I am very happy that I was able to accomplish this video for the deadline of the TVO Short Doc Contest. The deadline is today and I am entering in soon. This is a really tough subject to talk about but I just want to thank my sister and my dad for being involved in the video, id like to thank my art teacher Mrs. Rose for encouraging me and helping me with overcoming this whole process. I'm proud of myself.

I hope you enjoy the video and realize that we need to raise awareness.

Mental illness video update

So far during this March break I've been working on this video. I'm extremely thrilled for the finishing product but I can't seem to put it together the way I can see it in my head.. Still need to add more and edit but it's coming alone. I also just want to say that yes in the video my sister does have a mental disorder but she is represents a bunch of them together.. She does not have all of them, and the same goes for my dad, he has a mentor disorder as well but we are acting in the video with drinking and smoking but not because I'm advertising it.. It's to show how some people cope with their mental disorder in ways that are obviously the worst idea they can make. There is help out there, you just need to speak up. 

Day 1 of filming

Today has been a great day of filming for my video. My lovely sister is my model throughout my entire video so here's a quick selfie of where we were, what we are using and such. We both cannot wait to finish and see the end project. I hope people will watch it. 

Mental Health Awareness (video update)

So I'm sitting in my room just thinking about this video I will be making and its making me really happy but also very sad at the same time. I'm happy because what I really want to do with this is raise awareness about mental health. I went on YouTube and looked up PSA's and came across a particular one that really upsets me and kind of makes you think like "wow, we do not realize how society treats people until you look at it from someone else's perspective". It just goes to show how cruel some people can be. Here is the link to the video i watched.

I'm starting to film all the ideas I have for the video Ill be making. I decided to document my progress so far with what I have done. I started out using online websites to edit a film. For example i experimented with WeVideo, Powtoon and YouTube movie maker. All of those were alright to work with but I decided to use Windows Movie Maker because my sister is very familiar with it and will be able to help me …

TVO: on the Road (my thoughts)

This link is to my teachers art blog about her experience going to the TVO show on the road in Thunder Bay. Please, before you read more of my thoughts and opinions, go to the link below to read more about this topic or you may not understand what my thoughts are. Thanks!

I can honestly say that I was extremely impressed and touched by Michelle Derosier's "Walk-A-Mile Film Project". This young women has a voice that stands not only for herself  but for other people as well. While watching her video, I wanted to cry, but not in a bad way.. I wanted to cry because its a message that needs to be brought to awareness and I am very proud of what she has accomplished. The video gave me shivers towards the end. I acknowledge Michelle's courage and its amazing to see the awareness she is making. 
Walk-A-Mile Film Project Trailer from Thunderstone Pictures on Vimeo.

When my  art teacher Mrs. Rose put…

3 Part Art Series Idea #2 (update)

I decided to change my mind on what my first idea was going to be for my second art work which is using canvas. I was looking up quotes online about mental health and came across this one... "If mental illness could be seen on a sufferer, maybe society wouldn't say “just get over it”. This quote is beyond perfect to add into my canvas piece. My idea when I seen this was to take a picture of my sister (once I have her permission) and too have her hands wrapped around her neck but i want it to look like how this photo is except using my own person and different area. To me that means a person can not tell if an individual has a mental disorder because its all on the inside. If you were to put 100 different people together side by side and pick out the ones who have a mental disorder that would be impossible because its whats on the inside, not the outside.

Art Series Idea #3 (continuation)

This song is perfect for what i'm trying to come across with my art work. I chose the lyric video because Id like it if you just listen and pay attention to what he is saying because it is an amazing yet sad song. When I heard this song on TV not to long ago, I felt really moved by it.. Do not ask me how because I honestly have no idea. But with saying that the reason i'm blogging about it is because this song I would like to use for my t shirt video. I'm still writing different mental illness down so I can make the name tags that will be stenciled on to the t shirts. My entire family knows how much I want to help people who are struggling and want people to understand how hard it is to deal with. So I am extremely happy that I have an idea, so I better get started on this project asap.