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You've Got Style Response

The types of behaviors that I have shown from the Apex High schools Rubric is I communicate through my art. Pretty much all of my artwork tell kind of a story through them. Being in art class with Mrs Rose has given me a voice because otherwise, I would have not been able to express my self in that way. Even just talking about it, I get a lump in my throat trying not to cry.
I'm the type of person that likes to experiment with different materials and art techniques so that is exactly what I did this year.
One of my stronger behaviors is I take risks when it comes to my art. For example, I planned on making a video for art for one of my serious and one day my art teacher Mrs. Rose said "hey, why not try out this contest, its worth a try" but there was like a one week deadline and i barley even started the video so I was a little rushed into it but I ended up submitting it. Even though I didn't make it I am still proud of what ive done and glad i took that risk.

Art Series #2

Second Art series project was the QR code to my video I made.
It is transferred onto a canvas and then I added some more black lines around the whole outside because it was just too white and i wanted to use up all the space i could. Its not the best idea I could have used but I knew I was behind on my other one so I had to improvise.
Here is my second art series. I was under alot of stress these past couple of weeks, but still tried my best.
Just in case you havent seen the actual video and would like to I will post it here. 

Art Series Final Idea

This has probably been one of the hardest art projects I have ever done. Even though the overall theme "Mental Illness" and there is among many different ideas out there to do I just could not think of one until the week it was due.
I am sorry for the delay but I finally have an idea.  My idea is to take my huge canvas and in the middle in a thought bubble have "I'm not worth it", and then throughout the entire background repeated have "You are worth it". Every second writing will be written from another student/teacher/family/friend. I chose to do that because that means there is more than just one person looking out for you and willing to help a person with a mental illness.  Its to show that people with a mental disorder/illness strongly believe to them self that they are not worth it.. but in all honesty, EVERYBODY is worth it. No matter who you are, what you do in life, you ARE worth it. I did this idea all for my sister because she believes she …

Response to "Appropriate Appropriation"

Today my art teacher Mrs. Rose showed us her most recent blog post. Here is the link to her blog post. When she read it to the class and I heard about what that artist was doing and how much money he got, I got pretty mad. The first thing that came to my mind was "What if he did that to one of my pictures?". I would feel pretty used if he stole one of my pictures, my own pictures and shared it with tons and tons of people and him get all of the money.

One thing that I would like to know is, why does he take other peoples photos, why cant he use his own?. The artists name is Richard Prince. Another reason that this artist makes me mad is that he did not even ask for permission to use those peoples Instagram photo, all he did was take a screenshot of it and enlarged it. I don't understand why he would be the one to get all the credit and money when in actual fact its not his own photo.

I decided to try doing the art that Austin Kleon does. Seeing his work looked so easy bu…