Mental Health Awareness (video update)

So I'm sitting in my room just thinking about this video I will be making and its making me really happy but also very sad at the same time. I'm happy because what I really want to do with this is raise awareness about mental health. I went on YouTube and looked up PSA's and came across a particular one that really upsets me and kind of makes you think like "wow, we do not realize how society treats people until you look at it from someone else's perspective". It just goes to show how cruel some people can be. Here is the link to the video i watched.

I'm starting to film all the ideas I have for the video Ill be making. I decided to document my progress so far with what I have done. I started out using online websites to edit a film. For example i experimented with WeVideo, Powtoon and YouTube movie maker. All of those were alright to work with but I decided to use Windows Movie Maker because my sister is very familiar with it and will be able to help me edit it all together. So so far so good, I'm hoping to get at least some awareness about mental illness to people who think nobody cares, I care and I will help whoever may need it. We need this to be aware because we lose 4,400 people to suicide due to mental disorders.  So that is my progress and there will definitely be more to come.


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