TVO: on the Road (my thoughts)

This link is to my teachers art blog about her experience going to the TVO show on the road in Thunder Bay. Please, before you read more of my thoughts and opinions, go to the link below to read more about this topic or you may not understand what my thoughts are. Thanks!

I can honestly say that I was extremely impressed and touched by Michelle Derosier's "Walk-A-Mile Film Project". This young women has a voice that stands not only for herself  but for other people as well. While watching her video, I wanted to cry, but not in a bad way.. I wanted to cry because its a message that needs to be brought to awareness and I am very proud of what she has accomplished. The video gave me shivers towards the end. I acknowledge Michelle's courage and its amazing to see the awareness she is making. 
Walk-A-Mile Film Project Trailer from Thunderstone Pictures on Vimeo.

When my  art teacher Mrs. Rose put this video up on the screen, I payed attention to every word that was said, it really sets in and shows the reality of the life and history of Aboriginal Peoples. Another major reason why I am proud of this young women's work, is because even though I'm young, I'm trying to raise awareness about mental disorders  (as seen on my blog). Michelle wants people to see and realize what is going on and how we as people can help and that's exactly what I am trying to do but with Mental Illness. Her video was only around 3 minutes long, but it was long enough to send the message that she was trying to come across.    


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