You've Got Style Response

The types of behaviors that I have shown from the Apex High schools Rubric is I communicate through my art. Pretty much all of my artwork tell kind of a story through them. Being in art class with Mrs Rose has given me a voice because otherwise, I would have not been able to express my self in that way. Even just talking about it, I get a lump in my throat trying not to cry.
I'm the type of person that likes to experiment with different materials and art techniques so that is exactly what I did this year.
One of my stronger behaviors is I take risks when it comes to my art. For example, I planned on making a video for art for one of my serious and one day my art teacher Mrs. Rose said "hey, why not try out this contest, its worth a try" but there was like a one week deadline and i barley even started the video so I was a little rushed into it but I ended up submitting it. Even though I didn't make it I am still proud of what ive done and glad i took that risk.
Another one of my stronger points is Collaboration. With one of my art series I did involved a lot of people collaborating together to make up my art. Just want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to it, I love the way it turned out.

My priorities when I make art is to make something that will convey a message. I know that seems hard to do but honestly, I can come up with so many different ways and messages to send through an art piece. Almost all my art has a story behind it. (If you can not figure it out yourself, just ask me). Most of them are also very personal messages as well. For example the video I made on mental health has to deal with my sister, my dad and his mom (my grandma) because they all deal with mental health issues and so I did something for each of them.
There is mainly one thing ive been trying to express or communicate through my art is "even though a person has a mental health/disorder, they are still human, just like each and everyone of us".

The way an artist uses a material shows just how effective it can be. I chose to have the video I made in black and white instead of color because i believe it shows more of a depressing feeling rather than with color having it be all happy and bright.
It definitely matters what technique you are using. If an artist wants to convey a message, a strong message, they would choose the best material to show that.

When I finish my art I want people to feel the way I feel while i was doing it. Its a touchy situation to communicate with voice, so that why I show it through my art. It still sends the same message as if I were actually saying it. Its hard to speak about something so close to me.

Proper presentation is so important no matter what type of artist you are. You really have to think "who is your audience". For me, my audience was anyone who would listen. I know that sounds a little cliche but seriously, I want people who have a mental issue to take a look at my art, really read what I have to say and just take into consideration that they are not the only one dealing with it.


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