Who decides if you are an artist?

Something that I love most is technology. I have my phone with me 24/7 and am always on it pretty much. The way technology has evolved is crazy. Well so has the way art is shared as well. Like my art teacher Mrs. Rose has said in her recent blog post (https://storify.com/ColleenKR/who-decides-if-you-are-an-artist), art is now shown over social media such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. You do not have to physically see the artwork now in a gallery, but over technology. How cool is that? My opinion on sharing your artwork over social media is much more effective because more and more people can view it. I think its awesome. 

This question "Would you post your art on the internet or not?" gives me mixed signals because for one: I would love to share my art over the internet, but the downfall of that would be other people trying to steal your picture of your art unless you put your name on it somewhere. (copyright)

I absolutely love the idea about collaborating with other people on this website. I think I am going to post something on that website and see what other people can come up with for making my art even better.  


  1. You made me think about something else. Street Art was suppose to be a reaction against galleries. Artists wanted to make art that could be viewed by the 90% of people who didn't visit galleries or museums. As I was reading your post I thought about all the street art I have seen. 99% of the street art I've seen in my life was online! not on the street.

  2. I do show my artwork on the internet, but I do have the same concerns you do. I like to share what I am doing. I do my work for both myself and others, and they won't see it if I don't share. I worry about my work being claimed as someone else's. But then I think that my work is so different, my mind gets put at ease.

    I think it is great you are embracing the technology. It is here and now.

  3. Hitrecord is such a great site/project--they will even send you a check if they end up using your stuff; this isn't necessarily the point of your art but it's a pretty cool bonus!

    So many artists struggle with copyright on the Internet. At least it gives people an opportunity to learn mature confrontation, I suppose. I don't know what I would do, though, if I saw art I had created on the Internet being claimed as someone else's. What a thought-provoking post.


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