"How do you teach your teacher a different way to teach"

So recently my art teacher Mrs. Rose has been bringing her guitar to school and has been learning how to play by students showing her chords and such. So one day last week i was watching her learn the chords and it made me feel upset a little bit. The reason why it made me feel that way is because she was making it look so easy. I've had my guitar sitting in my closet for 2 years because every time i would try and learn i would just get so frustrated and give up. But she then said to me "why don't we learn together?". This made me feel happy again because now I am learning with her. She was my motivation for me to learn, so i thank her for that. 

It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply back to this question: "How do you teach your teacher a different way to teach?"

Here is Mrs. Rose's blog post about this. 

My opinion on that question is its very difficult to for a teacher to teach things different ways. I myself have personally struggled with this. Throughout all my math classes I've learned different than most people. In grade school i was taught one way and then once i came to high school it was like "wow, this is going to be hard to learn it all over again just in a different way. So I showed my teacher the way i was taught in grade school and she had to make sure it was right and it was and the thing is it was much easier for me to do it my way, then the way my teacher was showing me. So overall, sometime students show teachers new ways to teach things and it really helps some other students because its an easier way (or at least I think so). 


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