3 Part Art Series (continuation)

 Theres a movie called Cyberbully starring Emily Osment. Even though this movie is about bullying, it still is very touching and sad for me to watch because my sister use to be bullied online just like this girl in the movie and after seeing this movie, I always thought to myself "I hope she never does this". But I posted the sad part of the movie because this is where I had the idea of the song ill be using for my video. I have been talking with my sister and my dad about mental illness. I've also been searching online and there is so much information its outrageous. I really know alot about mental illnesses because my grandma (my dads mom) suffered from bipolar disorder. My sister also suffers from a mental illness. I want to do something for my art to show how hard it is to deal with or what it looks like when an individual suffers from a mental disorder. That was for my first idea. My second idea for the 3 part art series would be to use a canvas and to create a picture or drawing of the human brain and too use different colours to show what each part of the brain represents.

For example, there's different parts in your brain that control your mood, sensations, vision and so on. What I am going to try and do is have a legend down below the picture of each colour and show what part of the brain control your mood. Since my theme for my series is Mental Illness, this has to deal with mental illness because it affects your brain and the way an individual functions. Im still thinking of ideas to do. Im not really sure if im going to do the second idea I have or not.. we will see.


  1. Kayla, you and your sister are an inspiration. This post, along with your previous post, are so incredibly meaningful and personal. The fact that you included the video and related the content to your own life and shared it here is enough to help so many more people who are struggling with these issues. I am in awe of your strength and courage. What an honour to know that I can, in some small way, accompany you on this journey to find a way to express something so important through art. I am always here to support you in any way possible. So proud of you.

    1. Thank you very much! That means a lot to me and my sister! I love helping people who are struggling so I can try and make things better for them. Everyone deserves a normal life..just may be lived in a different way. I'm glad you get to help me out with showing a strong feeling through art work as well.


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