Response to "Appropriate Appropriation"

Today my art teacher Mrs. Rose showed us her most recent blog post. Here is the link to her blog post. When she read it to the class and I heard about what that artist was doing and how much money he got, I got pretty mad. The first thing that came to my mind was "What if he did that to one of my pictures?". I would feel pretty used if he stole one of my pictures, my own pictures and shared it with tons and tons of people and him get all of the money.

One thing that I would like to know is, why does he take other peoples photos, why cant he use his own?. The artists name is Richard Prince. Another reason that this artist makes me mad is that he did not even ask for permission to use those peoples Instagram photo, all he did was take a screenshot of it and enlarged it. I don't understand why he would be the one to get all the credit and money when in actual fact its not his own photo.

I decided to try doing the art that Austin Kleon does. Seeing his work looked so easy but when i started trying to find words to put together, it was much harder than he makes it seem. I had words that I was saying in my head, so I would be looking for those words but I never could find it. I took a random piece of newspaper and this is what my first attempt came out to be.
My overall opinion on this topic is that its so controversial yet so many artist do it. Everything is said in this video featuring Austin Kleon. 

I have two different sides to this question and I will explain why for each one.
First reason is why I believe it is not their own work. If someone were to post a picture of their artwork on the internet, I would be surprised if nobody stole it. Now days you can find anything on the internet. So for artists to steal an original artwork and make it their own is wrong because it didn't come from their own thought. I always thought to myself in order to be a real artist, you have to be the one to come up with the designs and what not but now I know its your techniques and what you make of them. Its all in the way you as an artist view it as stealing or making it better.

I definitely would not want someone to steal my artwork because I believe the art I do and when it is finished should stay the way that I have ended it with. Some people would disagree and say "Cant you add this or that?" Its done when I believe it is done. For me I ask for advice while I am doing the artwork.

My second opinion on this is that I also think its a neat idea because an artist can make an already existing artwork even better than it already is. For example the website "Hit Record" is a perfect example. You are able to add a piece of music you wrote or an artwork and people will add their own designs to make it even better. I think its a cool idea. At least on the website you know what you're expecting when you sign up.
Here is the link to Hit Record.
This website allows anyone who is apart of it to collaborate with one another.

I may add onto this post after it is published as well.


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