Art Series

So now that my first part to my art series is done with, its time to move onto the next project. So for my next one i have decided to go to Michael's and buy a small square canvas to put the QR code to my mental health video that I made. I have already bought a big canvas for my second idea which this small one is linked with it. I have not yet made up my mind on what i want to do with such a big canvas because I really want to use my space wisely. Maybe by having a lot of empty space on it, it could be a message to others when they see it. For now i want to incorporate the quote "If mental illness could be seen on a sufferer, maybe society wouldn't say "just get over it". I'm still trying to think of ideas to add on all the other space. Any ideas are welcome! If you havent already seen this short video thats been played on tv, please take a look at it. It really helps you see that anyone, and i mean anyone can have a mental disorder.


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