Exploring Films/Art 21

I chose this video because I was curious to see it because it was dated 2014. My initial reaction to this video was stunning. I use to only think that art was made up of drawings, painting, sketches, but this video proves to me that you can make art out of just about anything. People in this video make art out of very unique items such as sand, or random items being put together. In the video, a women said that "The good thing about an art piece is people are not sure if its art or not." I really like that quote.  I would like to know why this guy chooses the items that he chooses for his artwork. Id like to know how he comes up with a design and how he puts the pieces together. Here is the artist's own website.  An example to use that is relevant to this situation is, if i were to go around asking people "what is art"?, most people would say a painting, a drawing, or a sculpture. But there is way more to art then just those elements of design. I believe that this video shows amazing art work by people who believe that art is not just a painting. The type of person that I am, I wouldn't have came up with some of the ideas of art like the people in the video do. I'm more into the basic art techniques like sketching etc. The one thing i am interested in trying is this. I have a great idea and i will be experimenting soon.    


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