Elements of Design

The elements of design are used to give an artwork the detail it has. Some artists choose to use texture in all their artworks while others choose to have a different view throughout their work. I've learned a lot about the elements involved in an art piece. There is line, color, texture, shape, form, space and value.

Line: There are many different ways that a person can show lines throughout their artwork. For example there can be horizontal, vertical, zig sag, straight, curved and much more.

Color: Color in an artwork adds interest and sometimes you can tell a type of mood. For example, my auntie Amy use to draw, paint, create art pieces that were sad when you looked at them. The colors that people choose have a meaning behind them. If an artist choose dark colors its more depressing to look at then an artist who uses tons of color.The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. The secondary colors are created by mixing the primary colors. They are purple (violet), orange and green.

Texture: I love viewing artworks that show texture. When seeing an art work with a lot of texture it makes me think a little. Some artwork makes me wonder why did they choose to do that? Even though you can not actually feel the artwork, you can just imagine what the artwork would feel like if it were real. Texture is used to prove or show how something really feels.

Shape: There are many ways to show shape in an artwork. Shape is formed when two line meet each other together. You can have square, circle, triangle, octagon, hearts, and much much more.

Form: Form is to show a 3 dimensional object. This includes a pyramid, cube, cylinder, and sphere. These include height and depth of an object.

Space: Space is the element of art referred to the area around or within an artwork.Positive space refers to the part of the artwork that takes up space. Negative space is the area around that object. Space is shown how well much the artist took up with their art piece and also to show how much is left out.

Value: Value is used to show the lightness or darkness of tones in colors. White is the lightest value and black in the darkest. Artist can show value (hue) by pressing lightly on their colored pencil and gradually press harder to make it appear more darker looking.



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