3 Part Art Series Idea #3

So I did some thinking the past few nights. Since my theme is mental illness, my third idea which my art teacher Mrs. Rose helped me think of is to create name tags and try to get a bunch of students or teachers or people who are willing to be involved to make a small video. But the catch here is I would like to make t shirts using the stencils that Mrs. Rose has and on each shirt have a name tag with a mental disorder written on it. For example, "Hi, my name is depression". Each person will have a mental disorder on their shirt and have them walking towards a camera in black and white with their face covered and have everyone walk one after another and at the end of the group of people, have me standing there with the name tag saying "Human" because everyone single person with a mental disorder is still just a normal human being in this world. I talked with my grandma (my dads mom) and my dad explained to me that when he was little she was a very sick lady so all my life since I was 4, I never got to see her. Until recently my family and I made a trip to finally go and see her. My dad has not seen his own mom in over 10 years because he was afraid to bring us kids to go see her because of how sick she was. But she is on good medication now. My question to her was "Whats the first thing you think about when people find out you have a mental disorder"? her reply to me was "Well sweety, you know that we are all just human beings and I happen to have a mental issue but I dont want people to think im any different then them. Do not let others single you out if you have a problem. Its just a bump in the road of your life my darling". I thought I would add a picture of her when we finally wereable to see her. Last time I saw her was when I was 4. Im not 17 years old.


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