Culminating Assignment Progress Pt 1

At the beginning, I had a thought in mind to do pointalisom canvas of my favourite place that keeps me calm which is my camp, but I then decided to change my mind and wanted to just paint in on a canvas and not do pointalisom! I then seen an artwork that used transferring and I absolutely loved that idea. I did not have experience with it so it would be brand new to me. That's when I knew what I wanted to do. I have put a lot of thought into my final project. What I first started with was a theme that was about "pain" and the struggle it is dealing with it! For over a year and 3 months now I've been dealing with a "problem" with my ribs/back that is still unknown right now until I go to sick kids in 2 weeks! These different images are juxtapositional because they are placed side by side to how the contrast of the picture not so much towards the words. I wanted to show a bit of a mystery through what I was doing and this is what I have started on!


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